A study of women in the Bible. There can be misperceptions about women in the Bible; often they experienced mistreatment or were misunderstood.

Together, we will strive to see how God views women, and see that in all events His intent is to redeem, restore, and renew the lives of those who love Him.

January 10 introduction
January 17 one: image bearers
January 24 two: eve
January 31 three: sarai and hagar
February 7 fellowship week
February 14 four: rebekah, rachel, and leah
February 21 five: a tale of two tamars
February 28 six: rahab
March 7 seven: abigail
March 14 spring break
March 21 eight: bathsheba
March 28 nine: the samaritan woman
April 4 ten: mary, mother of Jesus
April 11 eleven: mary magdalene
April 18 twelve: you, a daughter of the King
April 25 fellowship celebration