Song To Colossians, by Trista Hoffman

Our Jesus, oh how we adore Him Our Savior, supreme over all Our Lord Who is faithful in loving We learn in this letter from Paul   He tells us how Christ is exalted He tells us of God’s perfect… Continue Reading →

Prayer Servanthood, by Martha Little

Many people use the term prayer warrior, but I have to admit, I struggle with this term.  I sometimes want to shout, “We are not prayer warriors, we are prayer servants!”  There is a servanthood in prayer; we seek not… Continue Reading →

Jesus, A Poem of Praise, by Su Brick

Long, long ago in eternity past, The dance of the Triune existed in the vast. And the physical image of our mighty Father Took charge to create earth and his people-one to another. He brought into being the birds, all… Continue Reading →

The Precise Light, by Megan Simons

On February 26, 1979, my dad witnessed a memorable solar eclipse. My parents were not in the path of totality, but it left quite an impression nonetheless. While my dad shared his pinhole viewer and watched the eclipse in the… Continue Reading →

Watch Your Heart, by Vanessa Van Dyke

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.”  Nothing is more dangerous to you than your own heart–how you think—what you allow to influence your thinking.  Nothing is more damaging to you than… Continue Reading →

Come Thou Romans, by Trista Hoffman

Come Thou Romans, (set to the tune Come Thou Fount)   Come thou Romans, gather closely Paul has words for you to hear Those belov’d of God, I ask you Open your hearts; lend your ear Let’s encourage one another… Continue Reading →

Give Me Jesus, by Megan Simons

The last question of our Romans study asks, “What is still challenging you?” My challenge, right now, is that there is a lie that quietly slithers its way into my thinking.  As my heart personally grieves and grapples with the… Continue Reading →

Growing, by Patta Dietz

I’ve always been a late bloomer!  Even today I’m often at a loss in a crowd.  As an older, middle-aged woman with creaky knees and hearing loss, I’m still frequently a step behind everyone else.   My Christian walk began… Continue Reading →

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