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led by the teaching ministry of Dr. Wayne Stiles


March 2018

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Larry Moyer – 03/25/2018 – What is this Crazy thing called Discipleship and Why does God want you?

SS Handout – What is this Crazy Thing Called Discipleship_ How can I Fish for Men? F______ ways to develop contacts with unbelievers. I___________ conversations with the lost about spiritual things. S_______ your resources towards reaching the lost. H______ unbelievers… Continue Reading →

David Souther – “Hush, be Still” Mark 4:35-40

EvanTell Ministries:  

Paul Bixler March 11, 2018 – The Impact of Pride

Scriptures referenced: 1 peter 5:6-7, Luke 1:52, Matthew 3:12, Luke 14:11, Daniel 4:28-34,2 Cor 12:1-9; 2 Cor 11:25, James 4:6,  

Vladimir Pikman March 5, 2018

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