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The Only Life Worth Living – Week 2

Derrick continues the overview of Ecclesiastes which focuses on the ultimate question: What is the meaning and purpose of life? THE ULTIMATE QUESTIONER Solomon was the ultimate questioner. As a young king, Solomon was godly, humble and wise. By middle-age,… Continue Reading →


A horizontal view of life leads to a shallow life; a vertical view of life leads to a valuable life. Questions to Ponder and Discuss   1. Has your life turned out the way you planned it, the way you… Continue Reading →

Following Christ – Monty Page

What does your life reflect? Are you a follower of Christ? We alone are not worthy of God’s mercy and grace. Only He is holy and it is only through Christ that we are saved. Since the Lord alone is… Continue Reading →

The Book of Obadiah – Week 4

Josiah Boyd concludes his series on the Book of Obadiah.

The Book of Obadiah – Week 3

Josiah Boyd continues to teach on the Book of Obadiah.

The Book of Obadiah – Week 2

Josiah Boyd continues our study of the Book of Obadiah.

The Book of Obadiah – Week 1

Josiah Boyd begins a study of the Book of Obadiah.

The Promise of Pentecost

Walking In and Watching Over the Truth

Vignettes from Jesus’ Final Days – Week 4

If you only had one week to live, how would you spend your time? Jesus had an eventful life in His last seven days between Palm Sunday and Easter. MONDAY was a day of curses and cleaning house. Jesus cursed the fig tree and later… Continue Reading →

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