The Wealth of Wisdom

God’s greatest desire is for us to have a relationship with Him.  He desires what is good for us.  Life is meaningless if lived apart from God.

Two weeks ago, we talked about ways to be wise and that wisdom comes from fearing God and living a life that pleases Him.  Having wisdom is not something that is intellectual; it is lived out in the day-to-day, through our hands, our feet and our mouth.   It’s not about knowledge, it’s about “doing” and we need to live before an audience of One.

Fearing God does not mean that we are afraid of Him, but rather that we come to have a reverence for and an awe of Him.  “Godly fear flows from a sense of the love and kindness of God to the soul.  Where there is no sense of hope of the kindness and mercy of God by Jesus Christ, there can be none of this fear, but rather wrath and despair, which produces a fear that is… devilish… but Godly fear flows from a sense of hope of mercy from God by Jesus Christ.” (John Bunyan)

In Ecclesiastes 7, Solomon concludes that meaning in life comes from living wisely — skillfully — in a way that produces good in life.

Living Wisely

  1. Wisdom produces authenticity.  Find a balance in life so you are not living in extremes (over-righteous or over-wise, see Ecclesiastes 7:15-18).  In everything you do, elevate Christ, not yourself (1 Peter 1:13-16).
  2. Wisdom produces strength.  Wisdom strengthens us to be honest with ourselves and others.  If we live in fear that God will judge us and live for an audience of One, it will strengthen us.
  3. Wisdom produces discernment.
  • Life is mysterious.  Are you OK with the mysteries of life?  Even though it is a mystery to us, God knows the future.  He is sovereign.
  • Virtue is rare.  The one who pleases God will escape the snare.
  • Sin is pervasive.  Live with God in the forefront of your mind.

“Everybody has a purpose and the main purpose of each of us is how to understand it.  Given the everyday preoccupation of ordinary life, people don’t spend enough time thinking about this.  They have their daily troubles.  Only self-deepening reflection [and] prayer… can discover that purpose.” (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Teach us Lord, how to really live, so it glorifies You.