The Present:  Live Wisely

While the future is uncertain, we know that God is sovereign and He is in control:

  • Today and tomorrow is as God planned it and there’s no arguing with Him about it.
  • Tomorrow is as God planned it and we can’t know it.

Ecclesiastes 7:1-12 reiterates that we must live wisely in the present, having the following:

  1. Joy in Misery.  To live life in light of death makes us serious about life.  Mourning is better than feasting because it makes us grapple with reality and matures us.  Don’t be trivial about life, for we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
  2. Pleasure in Rebuke.  Words of rebuke from the wise are for your own good used to grow and mature us.
  3. The Way of Wisdom:
  • Nothing is fool proof.  It’s wise to recognize that in our own flesh, we cannot overcome sin.  (Ecc 7:7)
  • Better long patience than soaring pride.  The actual accomplishment of things is a daily grind.  Length of spirit and persistence is what it takes.  (Ecc 7:8)
  • An angry man is a foolish man.  Do not be eager to pick a fight.  The angry person only sees the immediate, not the long view.  We don’t know what tomorrow will hold.  Do not be angry.  (Ecc 7:9)
  • The good old days never were.  You cannot live in the past.  Tomorrow is uncertain, you must live for today.  (Ecc 7:10)
  • Wisdom and money are securities in life.  Money is good, but having wisdom preserves us. (Ecc 7:11-12)

When tomorrow comes, will you be wise or foolish?  Whatever you do, impacts your reputation.  God has a plan for tomorrow — for your life and mine.  What God has determined is what will take place.

Consider God and remember Him.  Trust Him.  Whether times are good or bad, remember that God has made one as well as the other.  (Ecc 7:13-14)  Tomorrow is known (to God alone) and uncertain (to us all), therefore, seek to live wisely today — it’s the only time we’re assured of.