The Future: Known and Uncertain


Has life turned out the way you imagined it?  In our study of Ecclesiastes to this point, Solomon has searched for meaning in life by examining:

  • Wine and women
  • Power and prestige
  • Philosophy and education
  • Labor and construction
  • Wisdom and folly
  • Possessions and wealth
  • Spirituality and immortality.


He concludes that life is vain — empty and fruitless.  From his viewpoint under the sun, Solomon is convinced that the only meaning in life is to eat, drink and enjoy the few years of life you have — this is the best you can hope for.

In Ecclesiastes 6:10, however, we start to see a turning point in Solomon’s thinking.  He begins to abandon his search for meaning and look toward the future in preparation for the end of his life.

The future is always easier to predict in the past.  It’s harder to predict in the present.  The future is a slippery thing.  While God knows it, for us, it is uncertain.

  1. Today and tomorrow is as God planned it and there’s no arguing with Him about it.  He’s sovereign.  He controls your today and tomorrow.  (Ecc. 6:10, whatever exists has already been named.)  God’s will for your life, cannot be thwarted.  (Romans 9:20)
  2. Tomorrow is as God planned it and we can’t know it.  Life is short, like a shadow.  (Ecc 6:12)  Are you at peace that God is sovereign?  Are you okay if there is no tomorrow?

“The only way to predict the future is to have the power to shape the future.” (Eric Hoffer)  The only one who can shape the future is God.  It’s hard when unexpected things come into life.  We do not have the power to shape it — God is in control.  Daniel 4:34-35 says, “for His dominion… is everlasting from generation to generation… no one can say to Him, ‘What have you done?’”  God is sovereign.   His will, will be done in your life and you can’t thwart it.  We can only go along with it.

Hold life loosely and hold onto God tightly.  Surrender and go along with what He has for you.