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February 2012

The Book of Ecclesiastes – Week 17

ECCLESIASTES 7 We live during some strange times, perhaps because our generation is foolish and aimless.  If our culture is any indication, Os Guinness in his book, The Call, was right when he said, “Out of more than a score… Continue Reading →

The Book of Ecclesiastes – Week 16

The Present:  Live Wisely While the future is uncertain, we know that God is sovereign and He is in control: Today and tomorrow is as God planned it and there’s no arguing with Him about it. Tomorrow is as God… Continue Reading →

The Book of Ecclesiastes – Week 15

The Future: Known and Uncertain   Has life turned out the way you imagined it?  In our study of Ecclesiastes to this point, Solomon has searched for meaning in life by examining: Wine and women Power and prestige Philosophy and… Continue Reading →

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