A Profound and Passionate Gift

John Adams once said that life is, “grief upon griefs, disappointments upon disappointments, what then?  It’s a gay old, merry old world, nonetheless.”  Life is passionate and profound.  We are to live it for all it’s worth.

In Ecclesiastes 3, Solomon points out that there are certain times appointed for everything in life and there are many truths about God.

The Way of God

Ecclesiastes 3:9-11 is about the sovereignty of God.  He is in control of everything (life, death, war, peace, etc.)

  • Sovereignty can lead to fear or it can lead to faith.  If you take the view that all toil is vain under the sun, then life is meaningless.  The sovereignty of God is fearful because we are not in control.  While there are disappointments and griefs in life, you don’t have to be cynical.  Have faith… “He has made everything appropriate (beautiful) in its time.” 
(Ecclesiastes 3:11)
  • God will make things right. (Either now, or sometime in the future.)  Look above the sun, have hope.  Believe and have faith.
  • God has made us in His image.  He has set eternity in our hearts (Genesis 1). Body and spirit, we were made for eternity.
  • God has made life mysterious.  Hold on and surrender to the will of God.

The Way of Life

God is the Lord of forever and the flawless.  We cannot perfect what God does.

  • Enjoy life even if you can’t understand or control it.  We don’t have to understand or control everything — just enjoy life.
  • Accept life as a gift from God and be grateful.  Do you just endure life or think of it as a “gift” from God?  Your perspective makes all the difference.  G.K. Chesterton penned it best, “The test of all happiness is gratitude.”  Further, he pointed out that, “…taking things with gratitude and not taking things for granted” is the way we should live our lives (see his book, Orthodoxy.)
  • Fear God, the giver of life, but don’t be afraid to live.    Enjoy life.  It is a gift of God.  Be grateful.  Live your life under His authority — not my will, but Thy will.

The sovereignty of God can cause us to fear or be faithful.  Who are you waiting on to live life to the fullest?  Life is a profound and passionate gift.  Drink deeply every drop dry.  Wherever you are, be all there.  Suck the marrow from life, living under the Lord.