Filling A Hole That Is Never Full (Part 3)

Education is the salvation of the soul and the enlargement of the mind.

The Preacher and King of Fools

In Ecclesiastes 1:12-18, Solomon teaches his view on wisdom.  But for Solomon, it is futile to try and figure things out because his view on life is horizontal with no perspective of God.

The Futility of Trying To Figure Life Out

Solomon sets his mind to run experiments about life.  He seeks and explores life in depth, looking at every angle.  It is an exercise in mental gymnastics using wisdom as his cornerstone  (Ecc 1:13).  He is missing one thing… the beginning
 of wisdom is the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 1:7).

Human wisdom cannot give answers about the misgivings in life even though it seems to make it sharper and clearer.  Theodore Roosevelt once said, “To educate a man in the mind and not morals is to create a menace to society and to the individual himself.”  Solomon is like this.  He recognizes that what is crooked cannot be straightened, what is lacking cannot be counted (Ecc 1:15).

The Frustration of Trying To Figure Life Out

Solomon thinks if he can’t figure life out, no one can.  His conclusion is that with wisdom, there is more grief and pain (Ecc 1:18).  Viewing life with a vertical perspective would remind him that he who finds wisdom finds life (Prov 8:35).

Science answers the question, “What’s there and how does it work?”  Philosophy answers, “Why it works?”  Theology answers, “Who put it there and why?”

Solomon got hung up on second order questions but forgot to ask, “Who put it there and why did he do it?”


If education halts at the head and never touches the heart, we may have degrees on our walls, but our souls will be utterly barren.  Learn to live above the sun.  Value education but let it touch your heart, don’t educate out of foolishment.  Knowledge can let us become more ignorant.

Live Christ-like in everything you do.  Don’t let what we learn just be head-knowledge, let is also be heart-knowledge.  Education without God is a fool’s pursuit.