In Ecclesiastes 1:3-7, Solomon observes life under the sun and concludes that the course of life, the circle of the sun, the circuit of the winds, and the cycle of water proves that life is futile — it is absurd!


Futility Leads to Frustration 

  • Frustration is the one constant in life. (Ecc 1:8)  All things are wearisome.  Life under the sun is exhausting.  We are never satisfied.  There is a desire to satisfy ourselves and seek fulfillment.  Futility always leads to frustration.
  • The reason for our frustration: 
(Ecc 1:9-10).  Solomon echoes the mockers in 2 Peter 3:3-5.  Everything is always as it has been since creation.  There is nothing really new — we are broken and sinful.
  •  The result of a frustrated life: 
(Ecc 1:11).  The Message Bible says, “Nobody remembers what happened yesterday… don’t count on being remembered.”  The cycle of a frustrated life is endless.  Futility leads to frustration which leads to boredom which leads to futility.  It’s like filling a hole but never filling it.

Filling the Hole

Why do we not stop and ask the One who knows where meaning will be found?  Look above the sun — to the Son.  Peter Kreeft said, “There is only one thing that never gets boring – God.  If we are bored with God, we are bored with everything.”  Augustine said, “He who has everything but God, has nothing.  God is the only one who makes things new.”  God did something new when he came in the flesh and died and rose again.  He will do something new again when Jesus returns and the new Heaven and Earth come.

If you are searching without seeking God, you will find that life is boring and futile.  You must look above the sun because it’s the only place that meaning and purpose will be found.   Pray for God to pursue you and lift your gaze, realizing that life without God is just filling a hole but never filling it.  Pray that God will help you to see Him.