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September 2011

The Book of Ecclesiastes – Week 6

Pointless Pursuits Solomon was a man who knew what it was like to be consumed. The Pursuit of Pleasure One of Solomon’s pursuits, in his quest to find meaning in life, was pleasure.  The Message Bible reads, “I said to… Continue Reading →

The Book of Ecclesiastes – Week 5

Filling A Hole That Is Never Full (Part 3) Education is the salvation of the soul and the enlargement of the mind. The Preacher and King of Fools In Ecclesiastes 1:12-18, Solomon teaches his view on wisdom.  But for Solomon,… Continue Reading →

Filling A Hole That Is Never Full (Part 2)

In Ecclesiastes 1:3-7, Solomon observes life under the sun and concludes that the course of life, the circle of the sun, the circuit of the winds, and the cycle of water proves that life is futile — it is absurd!… Continue Reading →

Filling a Hole that is Never Full – Week 3

FILLING A HOLE THAT IS NEVER FULL Ecclesiastes is a book about “life in the raw.” It drips with humanity. FUTILITY AND FRUSTRATION In Ecclesiastes 1:1-7, Solomon senses that life is meaningless, empty, absurd, vain and futile. As he seeks… Continue Reading →

The Only Life Worth Living – Week 2

Derrick continues the overview of Ecclesiastes which focuses on the ultimate question: What is the meaning and purpose of life? THE ULTIMATE QUESTIONER Solomon was the ultimate questioner. As a young king, Solomon was godly, humble and wise. By middle-age,… Continue Reading →

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