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November 2010

Seek the Welfare of the City – Week 9

BALANCING STATE SOVEREIGNTY & HUMAN LIBERTY Over the last several weeks, Derrick has spoken on the topic of “Citizens of Heaven living as Citizens of America.” In review: The primary purpose of government is to promote, protect, and preserve the… Continue Reading →

Seek the Welfare of the City – Week 8

Law and Justice Liberty is rarely lost through revolution — the sudden and violent upheaval of arms. Liberty is usually lost through devolution — the slow, imperceptible erosion of the animating principles which give liberty life. A PROVOCATIVE QUESTION What is the limit… Continue Reading →

Seek the Welfare of the City – Week 7

Balancing State Sovereignty and Human Liberty There are three areas of focus for a successful government: • Eternal pressures of other powers. • Internal pressures of corruption. • Internal pressures of time. Every generation must test the experiment of self-government… Continue Reading →

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