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June 2010

Vices and Virtues – Gluttony and the Courage to Endure Persecution

There are no lesson notes this week.

Vices and Virtures – Lust and the Pure in Heart

Lust and the Pure In Heart The only solution to the problem of lust is love.  The only source of true love is Christ.  And the only step to really getting to know Christ is the Bible. Why Is Lust… Continue Reading →

Vices and Virtues – Sloth and Righteousness

Sloth and Righteousness Slothfulness is spiritual deadness.  Its spiritual attitude is blasé and indifferent, not laziness.  There are two forms of laziness: Rest and relaxation.  This is not sinful. (Exodus 20:8-11 says to keep the Sabbath holy). Not working at… Continue Reading →

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