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March 2010

Barabbas’ View of the Crucifixion of Jesus

Continuing the theme of Easter, Derrick shares the moving story of Christ’s trial and crucifixion from the point of view of Barabbas, who escaped his own execution because of Christ’s substitution. The cross that Jesus hung on was meant for… Continue Reading →

The Crucifixion

Malcolm Muggeridge once said, “At the intersection of time and eternity – nailed there – you Jesus confront us; a perpetual reminder that living we die and dying we live.” Witnesses to Jesus’ crucifixion saw the horror, a bloody horror…. Continue Reading →

The Book of Obadiah – Week 3

This week, Rhome finishes a three-week series in Obadiah.  As noted throughout the Old Testament, 1200 years of fighting between Esau and Jacob led up to the book of Obadiah. In Obadiah 1-9, Edom is proud because of their: •… Continue Reading →

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