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February 2010

The Book of Obadiah – Week 1

Rhome Dyck starts a three week series on the book of Obadiah. Rhome emphasized that when we read passages in the Bible, it’s helpful to have context from other parts of scripture to grasp the meaning.  He pointed out that… Continue Reading →

The Book of Philemon – Grace to Treat Others as Friends

Blaise Pascal said, “The slightest movement affects the whole of nature; one stone can alter the whole sea.  Likewise, in the realm of grace, the slightest action affects everything because of its consequences; therefore everything matters.” Acts of grace matter. … Continue Reading →

The Book of Philemon – Forgiveness is Freedom

Derrick continues in Philemon focusing on the heart of the letter that “forgiveness is freedom.” The Appeal In verses 8-21, Paul appealed to Philemon to free Onesimus.  The name Onesimus means “useful” and the name Philemon means “affectionate” or “one… Continue Reading →

The Book of Philemon – How to Say Hard Things Gently

Difficult conversations and dealing with sensitive issues are inevitable, but they can be made easier if you use a little persuasion. Last week, we continued our study of Philemon focusing on verses 4-7.  Derrick gave us 5 practical techniques to… Continue Reading →

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