Derrick continues our study of worldviews and summarized Humanism.  We talked about: 

1. What is Humanism?

Humanism ranges from being completely atheist to a more modern “compartmental” view of beliefs.

A.  Christian Humanism

In its broadest sense, Humanism signifies the important value of Man, especially against Nature.  It’s compatible and part of theism.

B. Atheistic or secular humanism

In the narrowest sense, it signifies Man taking the place of God.  It’s incompatible with theism and is its arch enemy.

C. Modern or compartmentalized humanism

A distinctively modern emphasis on Man rather than God.  It is a “horizontal” social activity rather than a “vertical” religious experience.  These humanists compartmentalize their lives and exhibit their beliefs differently dependent on whether they are at work, home or at church.

 2. Who is God? (Divinity)

Atheists believe God does not exist.  Atheism is not a philosophy or even a view of the world.  It’s simply an admission of the obvious to them.  Belief that ethical life can be lived without religion.  But God’s opinion is this:  Psalm 14:1 “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.”  In

Ecc 3:11 it says that God has placed eternity within our heart. 

If there were no God, there would be no atheists.  Atheists call their conscious a liar and refuse to believe (they fear the Truth).

Agnostics believe that we cannot know if God exists, but if He does, He’s unknowable.

Idolatry:  God is a figment of the imagination.  If we don’t accept who He is in the Bible, then it is idolatry.

3. Who is Man? (Humanity)

A.  Classical and Christian Humanism

Believe in the “imago Dei” which means that we are made in the image of God and they believe that all humans have innate dignity value and worth.  Beauty is found in art, literature and music.  Goodness is evident by schools, hospitals, social services, business and government.  Truth is based on theology, philosophy, science, law, and history.   True humanism is theocentric or God centered.

B.  Modern and Secular Humanism

Belief in the “imago Homo” which means that we are made in the image of Man.  The secular belief is that a person is time bound, a child of the age and history, with no hope of an eternity.  Secular humanists exist and function to glorify self.  They have no standard for beauty, goodness and truth.

Derrick summed up by saying that in Humanism there is corruption and greed and it’s easy to be drawn into the secular mindset.  Our challenge is to resist.  Stop looking inside and start looking outside to the One who is the Truth, goodness and beauty.