Watch Your Heart, by Vanessa Van Dyke

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.”  Nothing is more dangerous to you than your own heart–how you think—what you allow to influence your thinking.  Nothing is more damaging to you than… Continue Reading →

Come Thou Romans, by Trista Hoffman

Come Thou Romans, (set to the tune Come Thou Fount)   Come thou Romans, gather closely Paul has words for you to hear Those belov’d of God, I ask you Open your hearts; lend your ear Let’s encourage one another… Continue Reading →

Give Me Jesus, by Megan Simons

The last question of our Romans study asks, “What is still challenging you?” My challenge, right now, is that there is a lie that quietly slithers its way into my thinking.  As my heart personally grieves and grapples with the… Continue Reading →

Growing, by Patta Dietz

I’ve always been a late bloomer!  Even today I’m often at a loss in a crowd.  As an older, middle-aged woman with creaky knees and hearing loss, I’m still frequently a step behind everyone else.   My Christian walk began… Continue Reading →

The Origami of Life, by Megan Simons

When I first think of origami, I picture something like a paper crane with about thirty steps. However, I have recently learned that the best origami artists are equal parts visionary artists and brilliant mathematicians. Their creations consist of hundreds… Continue Reading →

The Woman in Luke 8, by Ruth Bloemsma

Jesus is headed somewhere – in a hurry, on a mission. But he’s interrupted, his daughter needs healing. He has time to show love; he can stop to express compassion; he can be interrupted for a moment of grace. This… Continue Reading →

Lamp To My Feet by Roxanna Whitfield

  Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or get a drink only to run into something that you couldn’t see? Or even worse, you step on that one lego that didn’t… Continue Reading →

Focus on Forgiveness, by Kathleen Meyer

In 2006, the Dallas Morning News carried the story of a hit-and-run victim forgiving the man who had injured him. Forgiveness is so unusual that it is front-page news. But for the follower of Christ, it should be routine. Why… Continue Reading →

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